Massage & Bodywork

MassageWe offer a variety of Therapeutic Massage Treatment options at Divine Elysian Wellness. Whether you like your massage on the light side, are looking for very deep tension relieving pressure, or want a combination of both, we have what you need. 

You may choose to treat the full body, or feel free to ask for special attention to problem areas such as the upper back, neck and shoulders. Don’t forget the feet and hands. Treat yourself today!

Remember…All of our massages include complimentary steamed towels and aromatherapy to provide you with a heavenly experience you’ll never forget.

Swedish Massage
50 Min: $85
80 Min: $115

Swedish Massage is the most celebrated form of therapeutic massage, emphasizing long soothing strokes to ease away stress and tension. This treatment is generally employed with lighter to medium pressure to ensure that trouble spots are targeted, but that the entire treatment remains a relaxing experience.

Deep Tissue Massage
50 Min: $85
80 Min: $115

Deep Tissue Massage is perfect for those who need focus on the deeper muscle layers and connective tissue. This is the “Just Right” treatment for athletes and hard working individuals who would like to relax, but really want some focused attention and stronger pressure to relieve painful muscle stress.

Fire & Ice Jade Stone Massage
with Swedish / Deep Tissue Combination
50 Min: $85
80 Min: $115

This is the healing massage treatment that has it all, seriously.  Imagine the feeling of deeply heated and oiled, silky smooth Jade Stones gently caressing every curve of your aching body, melting the tension prior to the area being massaged. It’s heaven, we promise!

This top of the line luxury treatment combines the intensity of the heated semi-precious Jade Stones with a combination of soothing Swedish strokes and focussed deep tissue massage moves to really get the knots out, leaving you totally relaxed and blissful. 

Certain areas of the body, such as the neck, shoulders, hands and calves are treated to a combo of both hot and iced Jade Stones simultaneously.  This produces the Fire and Ice sensation that flushes out toxins allowing for total renewal. 

Once you try this specialized massage treatment… you’ll never go back!

Prenatal Massage
50 Min: $85
80 Min: $115

If you’re a mommy-to-be, we know that YOU need this more than anyone! Always rest assured that you will be receiving treatment from a therapist who is specifically certified in prenatal massage therapy. This massage is performed in the sideline position utilizing a body pillow for comfort and support. Swedish is the preferred technique, with light to medium pressure  throughout. Come in and treat yourself to a little peaceful, quiet relaxation. Draping will be careful and modest, so just come in and bliss out for a while.

Massage Package Pricing
All 50 Min Massages
Pack of 3- 10% off- $229.50 total– saves- $25.50
Pack of 6- 15% off- $433.50 total– saves- $76.50
Pack of 10- 30% off- $595 total– saves- $255

All 80 Min Massages
Pack of 3- 10% off- $310.50 total– saves- $34.50
Pack of 6- 15% off- $586.50 total– saves- $103.50
Pack of 10- 30% off- $805 total– saves- $345

ReikiSometimes, you just need a little something extra to help promote balance and wellness in a world filled with chaos. Reiki Energy Healing may be just the thing to get you centered and recharged.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of alternative medicine known as “Energy Healing”. The actual treatment is a sublimely relaxing experience where the Reiki practitioner uses a technique called “Palm Healing”. By channelling healing “Universal Energy” through their hands to the patient, the practitioner encourages both emotional and physical healing.

Reiki Energy Healing is founded in the belief that we are all made of the same universal energy. The technique generally involves the practitioner placing their hands either on or above the patient’s body as the energy is shared and channeled. The overall purpose of a Reiki treatment is to remove any blockages to the perfect flow of energy within, thus unlocking mental, spiritual and physical health and well being.

Here are some of the benefits of Reiki:

  • Alleviates stress
  • Reduces Pain
  • Improves sleep
  • Clears emotional blockages
  • Balances body and mind
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Restores inner peace and harmony
  • Fosters a deep connection to universal energy
  • Reduces recovery time from illness
  • Speeds healing from surgery
  • Fosters a sense of well being
  • Helps quiet the mind
  • Deep relaxation

You are able to remain fully clothed during a Reiki Energy Healing session, and we do encourage wearing loose comfortable clothing. Your Reiki practitioner will begin by discussing what issues you may be having on a mental, spiritual, emotional and physical level. Once your desired areas of improvement have been established, the beautiful and nurturing experience begins. This is a deeply relaxing treatment that focuses on wellness at all levels.

Most Reiki Energy Healing sessions are very quiet and relaxing, but on occasion, one may become emotional as various blockages are lifted and cleared. This is perfectly normal, and is handled in a loving and compassionate way to facilitate the highest level of healing and balance.

Crystals and essential oils will most likely be employed as deemed appropriate by the Reiki Energy Healing practitioner in each session.  The particular crystals and oils chosen will be directly related to the energy centers which need cleansing, clearing and healing. The 7 chakra energy centers will be cleansed and cleared of blockages, thus allowing the Universal Energy to flow freely once again.

What are the 7 Chakras you may ask?

  • Red- Grounding Chakra- Base of the spine
  • Orange- Creativity/Sexual Energy Chakra- Below the navel
  • Yellow- Emotional Energy Chakra- Solar Plexus
  • Green- Love Healing Chakra- Heart/Chest
  • Blue- Communication Chakra- Throat
  • Indigo- Intuition Chakra- Third Eye
  • Violet- Divinity Crown Chakra- Top of head

Please give us a call today to schedule a FREE consultation or to book a Reiki Energy Healing session.

Reiki Pricing
1 Hour: $120
Pack of 3: $324 (10% Off ~ Save $36!)
Pack of 6: $612 (15% Off ~ Save $108!)
Pack of 10: $840 (30% Off ~ Save $360!)