Laser Hair Removal

The average woman shaves 7,718 times in her lifetime. That sounds fun. And let’s not forget the men. How fun is trying to shave your own back? 

Well, if endless shaving or painful waxing is not for you, we have a solution that really works. Painless Laser Hair Removal. Yes, it is actually painless….you’ll love it!  We have chosen the Motus AY Painless Laser Hair Removal device by Cartessa, the world’s leader in laser aesthetic technology. It is simply the best and most effective laser in terms of overall client results and satisfaction.  

Laser Hair Removal has emerged to become one of the most popular cosmetic laser procedures in the U.S. today. The Motus AY Laser Hair Removal system uses an applicator to beam highly concentrated rays of light into the hair follicles. Pigment in the root of the hair absorbs the light, which ultimately destroys the hair follicle altogether. The process is painless because we control the amount of light emitting heat that is given any point in time. What is required to destroy the follicle is a predetermined amount of heat energy which can be delivered in a safe and comfortable way. The process feels warm as the applicator moves across the skin, and the overall experience is somewhat relaxing. It’s fantastic!

The Motus AY by DEKA is the first high-speed Alexandrite 755 nm laser, which makes it possible for light AND dark skin tones to benefit from the effectiveness of the treatment. With its innovative contact cooling system, the Motus AY technological breakthrough delivers a fast, uniform, and painless hair removal experience every time. The powerful wavelength provides superior long term results in fewer treatments.  It’s a dream come true!

Please keep in mind: Although the Motus AY Painless Laser Hair Removal device is far above the rest, there must be pigment in the hair for a treatment to be effective. The laser uses a red frequency and is not able to treat red, blond or gray hairs. No numbing is required, as this is a painless laser. A clear gel is applied to the skin during treatment to ease the movement of the applicator across the skin. We do ask that all areas to be treated must be shaved prior to treatment. We are not able to treat unshaven areas, as the laser would deposit its energy into surface hair as opposed to the roots below. Please do NOT use depilatory creams or wax the areas to be treated, as this removes the follicles which we are hoping to destroy. 

Please remember that a series of treatments must be undertaken to achieve desired results. Most clients will find they need 6-10 treatments as hairs grow in cycles. We recommend treatments be spaced out 4-6 weeks apart. Each treatment will destroy the hairs that are in the appropriate growth cycle at that time.  It is imperative that the 4-6 week routine be maintained. Otherwise, we miss the growth cycles and it’s just like starting over again. Results are basically permanent, but over time new hairs will show up here and there, requiring touch-up sessions(at an additional fee). Results do vary from person to person based on hair color and thickness. No guarantee is made that all hair will be permanently removed. 

Give us a call today to set up a FREE consultation or book online now. Painless Laser Hair Removal can truly CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!! Give it a try and you’ll never go back. 

Be sure to check out the FAQs for lots of great additional information. Hope to see you soon!

Laser Hair Removal Pricing
Small Area

Underarms, upper lip, cheeks, chin, areola, abdomen line, ears, feet & toes, hands, nose, sideburns, lower lip

$85 per area for a single session. 15 minutes
Package of 6- $434 ($73 per session)- You save $12 per visit with this plan
Package of 10- $595 ($60 per session)- You save $25 per visit with this plan

Medium Area

Neck- front or back, forearms, upper arms, lower back

$95 per area for a single session.  30 minutes
Package of 6$485 ($81 per session)- You save $14 per visit with this plan
Package of 10$665 ($67 per session)- You save $28 per visit with this plan

Large Area

Bikini-full or partial, Legs-upper or lower, Arms-upper or lower, buttocks, chest, flanks, shoulders, upper back lower back, gentleman’s areas

$125 per area for a single session.  45 minutes
Package of 6$637.50 ($106.25 per session)- You save $18.75 per visit with this plan
Package of 10$875 ($87.50 per session)- You save $37.50 per visit with this plan

Full Area

Back and shoulders, full chest and abs, full legs, full face, full Brazilian

$150 per area for a single session.  45 minutes
Package of 6 $765 ($128 per session)
Package of 10$1,050 ($105 per session)- You save $45 per visit with this plan

Bundle Package 

You can choose 3 areas:  one full area, one large area & one small area.

$335 per single visit. 90 minutes
Package of 6- $1,709 ($285 per session)- You save $50 per visit with this plan
Package of 10- $2,345 ($235 per session)- You save $100 per visit with this plan

Full Body

You can choose all the areas you want! But, you must receive treatment for all areas in the same visit each time.

$750 per single visit.  3 hours
Package of 6- $3,825 ($638 per session)- You save $112 per visit with this plan
Package of 10- $5,250 ($525 per session)- You save $225 per visit with this plan

5 Areas Mix & Match

Choose ANY 5 areas you want. You MUST TREAT SAME 5 AREAS each visit.

$450 per single visit.  1 hour 45 minutes
Package of 6- $2,295 ($383 per session)
Package of 10 -$3150 ($315 per session)

Touch Ups

15 minutes of treatment time to treat multiple areas

Laser Hair Removal FAQs
What is Painless Laser Hair Removal and how does it work?

The Cartessa Motus AY Painless Laser Hair Removal System treats the desired areas by delivering a controlled amount of energy to the hair follicles which thereby destroys them, literally killing the hairs at the root. The laser seeks out the pigment in the hair follicle, thus darker hairs are easier and quicker to treat effectively.

First, gel is applied to the areas which will be treated, and then the laser applicator is moved gently and consistently back and forth across the area until a predetermined amount of energy has been delivered.  There is absolutely no damage to the skin and there is no pain or downtime. Each treatment destroys hair follicles that are in their current growth cycle. Remaining hairs will get thinner, finer and fewer with each subsequent treatment.  As you continue with a  series of treatments, the treated areas lose the ability to grow new hairs, and the original hairs stop growing as well.

What type of Painless Laser Hair Removal Laser do you use?

We use the Cartessa Motus AY Painless Laser hair Removal System, which uses an Alexandrite laser at 755 nanometer wavelength. All skin types and shades are able to be treated effectively.

Is this a Diode or Alexandrite Laser?

We use an Alexandrite 755 nanometer wavelength Painless Laser Hair Removal System from Cartessa.

Is an Alexandrite laser better than a Diode?

Actually, both the Alexandrite and the Diode lasers are very effective for the purpose of hair removal. However,  the Alexandrite allows for a faster and more comfortable treatment. (Tests are conclusive that Diode lasers produce a more painful treatment experience).

Does a lack of discomfort mean less results?

Not at all. The only important factor is the amount of energy delivered to the hair follicles. Pain should not be a part of the equation at all. When we treat with the Cartessa Motus AX Painless Laser Hair Removal System, each area is treated a minimum of 20 times. Each pass that is made delivers more and more energy until the hair follicle is destroyed.

Is Painless Laser Hair Removal safe?

Absolutely. We are able to treat any skin type and most hair colors safely and effectively. The laser is seeking out pigment, so we have to take it slower for deeper skin tones in order to comfortably deliver the required amount of energy.

Is there anything I have to do to prepare for Painless Laser Hair Removal?

Yes, we ask that you shave any areas that are to be treated 24 hours prior to your session. Please do not shave more than 24 hours prior as we want to minimize visible hair when treating. Shaving truly is a must. We cannot treat longer hairs, as the laser is seeking out the pigment and will burn the hair and NOT the follicle which is the actual goal of the treatment. This is NOT negotiable. We will be reminding you to shave prior to your treatment.

Can I wax or use chemical hair removal prior to Painless Laser Hair Removal?

NO, please don’t. Waxing and chemical hair removers actually remove the follicles, which will then regenerate. We must be able to target the pigment in the follicles in order to achieve successful results when treating with Painless Laser Hair Removal.

What should I expect after having Painless Laser hair Removal? Will the hairs fall out right away?

Generally, it takes time for the hairs to fall out. Although there are some clients whose hairs fall out the next day after receiving treatment, most find that it takes a week or more. In fact many times the hairs are actually ready to fall out, but are just sitting there. So, we recommend waiting a few days and then brushing the area lightly to help speed the fallout process. It is important to note that this is a process. The hairs do not disappear the day after a treatment.

How many Painless Laser Hair Removal Treatments will I need?

New clients always receive a FREE consultation and evaluation to formulate a specialized treatment plan based on skin type, hair color and hair thickness. Generally, Painless Laser Hair Removal clients will begin with a series of 6 treatments of the same targeted area. With each subsequent treatment, a percentage of hair will become reduced, or possibly be thinner and finer. Typically, there is about a  50% reduction of hair in the treated areas after 6 sessions. For thicker, courser and lighter hairs, as many as 10 or more treatments may be required to achieve desired results.

What if I have very thick, coarse hair? How many treatments will I need?

Those who have very dense, thick, coarse hair will almost certainly require a minimum of 10 or more sessions. Thick beards tend to require more treatments as does facial hair in general. Fine facial hair also requires more sessions for a great result.

Do hormones play a role in Laser hair Removal?

Yes, hormones can have a strong effect of how hair grows.  Teens, men or women who are taking hormones, and women who have recently been pregnant, will most likely find that they have more and stronger hair growth. This will require more treatments for good and sustained results.

Who can receive Painless Laser Hair Removal?

The Cartessa Motus AX Painless Laser Hair Removal System is very effective for men and  women of all skin types and tones.

Who is not a good candidate for Painless Laser Hair Removal?

We are not able to treat red, blonde, white or gray hairs as these colors do not register in the laser. The actual Alexandrite laser crystal is red, and cannot target reds, oranges or very light blonde tones. Additionally, we are not able to treat pregnant or lactating women.

What areas can be treated with Painless Laser Hair Removal?

We can safely treat any area of the body, including male and female private areas both front and rear as well as faces, fingers and toes.

Is there any downtime or side effects after a Painless Laser Hair Removal session?

Not at all. Many clients come in on their lunch break and go right back to work. It’s a very convenient, hassle free treatment.

What does a Painless Laser Hair Removal treatment session feel like? Is numbing needed?

There is no numbing required whatsoever with this fantastic laser! The session will basically feel like a dual sensation of a cool laser gliding alongside a warm stone massage. It’s actually very relaxing.

How often should I schedule Painless Laser Hair Removal treatments?

We recommend that clients treat every 4 to 6 weeks. It is very important to keep to this schedule as it is designed around the natural hair growth cycles. Eventually, as your hair grows thinner and more sparse, you may begin allowing longer intervals between treatments as determined by your medical specialist.

Can I get a treatment before a special event or travel?

Definitely! The only important factor is making sure that you are able to keep to the 4-6 week schedule.

Can I schedule Laser Hair Removal Treatments sooner than recommended for faster results?

Nice try, but no. The hair follicles must have time to be in the proper growth phase for a subsequent treatment to be effective, and this takes from 4-6 weeks to be optimal. Coming in sooner than 4-6 weeks would simply be counterproductive.

Can I ask the nurse to give a higher setting and make the treatment painful for better results?

Nope. Don’t even think about it. Please believe us when we tell you that pain is not a part of this equation. The only important factor is the amount of energy that is delivered over the entire treatment time. Making the process painful in no way increases the efficacy of the treatment.

If my treatment is scheduled for a certain amount of time, but ends sooner than the scheduled end time, am I not getting what I am supposed to?

Scheduled treatment times are based on the longest possible length of time it may take to deliver a specific amount of energy to the deepest skin toned individuals who require a lower setting and longer treatment time.Therefore, if you have lighter skin and darker hair, we are able to deliver the energy more quickly, and may finish the session before the officially scheduled end time. The client with dark skin will require the full scheduled time as we must go slower to avoid pain and discomfort. Both treatments ultimately deliver the same amount of energy and get the same results. It would be against safety guidelines to continue treating an area once the energy threshold has been reached. This treatment is not a time based treatment, but is an energy based treatment. Occasionally, some clients mistakenly think that they are paying for a certain amount of time and should receive the full amount of time. But that is not correct. It’s all about the energy.

Will I reach a point where all the treated hair is gone forever?

Wouldn’t that be nice? Unfortunately, that is usually not the case. MOST of the hairs will be gone for good and some will simply be much finer. Generally, clients find that once they have completed the recommended number of sessions, they will need to re-treat the areas on an “as needed” basis. Some clients find that coming in once every six months to re-treat works like a charm. Some areas will be more stubborn and may require more frequent touch ups. Follow up requirements vary from individual to individual.

If my session ends sooner than expected, may I ask the nurse to use the extra time treating other areas which were not originally scheduled?

Nope, sorry. Each treatment session is scheduled to allow enough time to deliver the correct amount of energy for the deepest skin toned individual who requires the longest amount of time to treat the scheduled areas. Each session is only good for treating the exact scheduled areas and no others. As previously mentioned, this is an energy delivery treatment, and not in any way a time based treatment. For example: If someone schedules a 1 hour massage, they are fully entitled to one full hour of treatment time. With Painless Laser Hair Removal, sessions are based solely on providing enough time to deliver a predetermined amount of energy that is required to destroy the hair follicles of a particular area only. You may be scheduled for one hour, but the treatment may only take 45 minutes if you have lighter skin and the setting can be set higher. The darker skinned individual may need the full hour as the settings are lower and it takes longer to deliver the same amount of energy comfortably.